Prosecute Wall Street, Not Patients

Federal prosecutors are wasting precious resources on medical marijuana while ignoring real crimes.

While the number of Wall Street banksters prosecuted for the massive fraud that crashed the global economy remains at exactly zero, the U.S. Department of Justice has just raided scores of marijuana growers and dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal. Some of the raids even targeted those regarded by local officials as "law-abiding models."

California's attorney general and the governors of Washington and Rhode Island are pushing back, and so can we.
Breaking a campaign promise, President Obama has allowed his Department of Justice to target these regulated, tax-paying businesses that are in compliance with state law and whose work helps to ease the pain of patients with cancer, AIDS, and a range of other ailments.

By contrast, Obama’s Justice Department is protecting or ignoring:
•    The Wall Street thieves who brought down the real economy.
•    The war criminals, torturers, and warrantless spies who advertise their crimes on book tours.
•    The mayors and police forces violating our First Amendment rights and brutalizing us.

Tell the Justice Department and the White House to get their priorities straight.

In an era of federal budget-cutting, we can win this – and stop the feds from persecuting and prosecuting the medical marijuana community. 

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Some emails to the Department of Justice were blocked. Rest assured we will make sure they get the message even if we have to deliver them in person.

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