Verizon Now Spies On Us For Profit

Big Brother is here, and his name is Verizon. This company is now selling information about you to other companies -- information including your recent online activity, web browsing history, purchases made, gender, age, interests, and physical location via GPS.
Verizon spends millions on corporate propaganda, but they "forgot" to advertise this policy change. Now it’s up to us to spread the word.
Verizon says that you can opt out of having this data shared, but opting out is not an acceptable practice when it comes to privacy.  The standard until now has been to require that people opt in before their information is shared.  If Verizon succeeds, it seems inevitable that other wireless and Internet companies will follow their path to make a buck off you.
Verizon claims that its policy of selling information about you to other companies will not disclose your identity, but anonymity protections are often breached.
Sign on now to demand this policy be reversed.

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Important notice about how Verizon Wireless uses information.
Verizon Wireless to Sell Customers' Data to Advertisers

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