I Support Occupy Wall Street

Protests and occupations have spread to Washington D.C. from Wall Street and other towns. This is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Afghanistan War, the longest in U.S. history. Protesters are extending the occupation from Wall Street to the government that Wall Street corrupts -- to the government that launches war without end.

We are going to deliver a statement of solidarity to the D.C. protesters -- and a demand for fair and accurate coverage to major news outlets.  Please add your name and share this link with friends:

With occupations and protests spreading to Freedom Plaza in DC from Wall Street and dozens of other towns, RootsAction.org and the undersigned individuals stand in solidarity with nonviolent protests aimed at redirecting our resources from banks, wars, and exploitation to peace, human needs, and environmental protection.

And we urge you in the news media to give these protests fair and accurate coverage.
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Want to be there in person?

You can connect with the protests in Washington, around the country, and on Wall Street through these websites:


Photo from Huffington Post