Challenging Wall Street

Beginning this past weekend, thousands have dug in for a long-term protest on Wall Street. They come with a simple demand -- pay your fair share. The President has proposed higher taxes on the wealthy, but only grassroots activism can make that happen.

Add your voice to the chorus of those camped out on Wall Street. Tell Congress and the President that we want to end corporate subsidies and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, build a stronger social safety net, and make public investments in jobs and infrastructure. The majority of Americans want it, and what’s more there are lots of bills gathering dust that could make this happen.

The President’s proposed “Buffett Rule” would have those making over a million dollars a year pay the same tax rate as those in the middle class, reducing the deficit by some $4.4 billion. But the proposal doesn’t go far enough to rein in corporate greed.

We are at the dawn of a movement that could pull our economy back from the brink. But Congress members ignore polls and actions that are not on the television or are not brought directly to their doors.

So let’s magnify the demonstrations on Wall Street. Sign this letter to Congress and the President.

There's more to come next month, when thousands will gather in D.C. beginning October 6th. Details are at