How to Create 29 Million Jobs

The chief weakness in President Obama's jobs proposal is that it does not attempt to produce very many jobs. There's an obvious solution that goes many times further and doesn't cost a dime.

Every billion dollars that our government spends on the military produces (directly and indirectly) fewer jobs, and lower paying jobs than would the same billion dollars invested in a number of other industries or even in tax cuts for working people. (The University of Massachusetts' Political Economy Research Institute has done the math.)

Redirecting a fraction of our military spending to education, green energy, healthcare, and tax cuts would create a job for every unemployed or underemployed person in this country (29 million of them) as well as for those losing war industry jobs during this conversion.  Such a shift would leave the military with more funding than it had 10 years ago.

Do we have a debt problem?  An unemployment problem?  Or just a war problem?

Ask Congress to move the money.