Tax Super PACs at 99%

Across the political spectrum, Americans agree that the Citizens United decision, allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections, has been a disaster – and that the Super PACs doing most of that spending should be banned. The Super PAC-funded attack ads dominating the Republican primaries have become national jokes.

The Supreme Court maintains that corporations have the "human" right to "speak" by buying our elections.  Until the Supreme Court changes its mind or we amend the Constitution, we would seem to be at an impasse.

But there is an immediate fix that RootsAction learned of from our friends at BradBlog. Congress or our states could tax Super PAC donations heavily. When this country was in deep depression in the 1930s, President Roosevelt proposed taxing income above a high level at 100%, and achieved 94%. We propose taxing donations to Super PACs by as much as 99% – in the name of the 99% of us lacking voices in pay-to-play politics.

It can't violate corporations' “human rights” to tax them. We humans are taxed all the time.

Tax Super PAC donations at 99% starting now.