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The headline over a Washington Post news story a month ago -- “Neera Tanden, Biden’s Pick for Budget Chief, Runs a Think Tank Backed by Corporate and Foreign Interests” – should have set off loud alarm bells for senators, who will soon vote on whether to confirm Tanden as director of the powerful Office of Management and Budget.

“In her nine years helming Washington’s leading liberal think tank, Neera Tanden mingled with deep-pocketed donors who made their fortunes on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley and in other powerful sectors of corporate America,” the Post reported. “At formal pitches and swanky fundraisers, Tanden personally cultivated the bevy of benefactors fueling the $45 million to $50 million annual budget of the Center for American Progress.”

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Tanden’s eagerness to serve the interests of big-money donors has been routine. Meanwhile, she has been notably hostile to progressives and their proposals. Former Sanders speechwriter David Sirota recently called her “the single biggest, most aggressive Bernie Sanders critic in the United States.”

As OMB director, Tanden would head what the Post describes as “the nerve center of the federal government, executing the annual spending plan, setting fiscal and personnel policy for agencies, and overseeing the regulatory process across the executive branch.”

And, if confirmed for the OMB post, “Tanden would have a hand in policies that touch every part of the economy after years spent courting corporate and foreign donors. These regulatory decisions will have profound implications for a range of U.S. companies, dictating how much they pay in taxes, the barriers they face and whether they benefit from new stimulus programs.”

You can push back against the Tanden nomination by sending emails to your senators now.

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