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Add your name to make health care a right in America.

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RootsAction is glad to relay this paid message from Public Citizen, which is consistent with our progressive mission.

The United States spends twice as much per person on health care as other rich countries – but we get far less.

We are the only rich nation that leaves millions without any coverage at all, we have triple the infant mortality rate of Japan, and we rank 43rd in life expectancy.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Sign the petition now: It’s time for Medicare for All.

With Medicare for All, we will make health care a right, and ensure every person in America gets the health care they need.

Medicare for All would not only ensure every American is covered, it would improve on existing Medicare.

It would do away with co-pays and deductibles, provide for dental and cover long-term care, including nursing home care.

We could do all of this at no extra expense.

Medicare for All would do away with the staggering inefficiencies, administrative waste and profiteering that plagues our current system.

There is only one reason we don’t have Medicare for All: The dominant political power of the health insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital industries.

Our job is to build enough people power to overcome their money power.

When millions of us join together, we are a force too strong even for Big Pharma and the health insurance companies.

Stand with millions of your fellow Americans in demanding Medicare for All now.

Together, we are going to make health care a right in this country.


Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen


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