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Senator Joe McCarthy

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The Intelligence Authorization Act includes a provision that creates a Committee to counter supposed Russian “media manipulation,” “disinformation,” "assassinations," and other covert measures in the United States. The Committee’s mandate is so broad -- in short, anything the president tells them to do -- that any current or future president could easily (and, if desired, secretly) use the Committee to target political enemies, journalists, and activists.

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This legislation would fuel hostility with Russia just when there was hope of a thaw in the new Cold War. In fact, this section of the bill is immediately followed by one limiting travel by Russian (and only Russian) diplomats in the United States.

The Washington Post has already published a ludicrous but dangerous list of supposed Russian propaganda media outlets. If this committee does the same, what recourse will the falsely accused have? This Committee, selected by presidential appointees, will not be publicly accountable.

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This supposedly anti-Russian Committee could quickly devolve into the political policing of domestic publications. During the McCarthy era we saw what a deleterious impact on democracy official conflations of political dissent with foreign subversion have. We should learn from that legacy by making sure the mistakes of the past are never repeated.

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